New page for module download (April 26, 2023)

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Module Creation
when viewing module after installation in WebUI
it uses generic logo,no description,dependencies are not listed,ect
after some thinking and alot of looking around i figured out where this infromation comes from.

i use OS7 and in..
there is a list of txt files which has the information thats seen on the app page in the WebUI.


i can see this is updated when the module is installed/updated.

i cant  find where we can add this information before we create the module with
could it be since user created modules are unofficial and during the install it gets this information from thecus website?
(29-09-2023, 11:59 AM)Blackbear199 Wrote: I just remembered its your repo update thats adding some of these.
or it it a combination of both,thecus also updates them on app install?

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