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Access to download links and get support for modules
You don't pay for the software itself !!! You pay to get a support to install this software on your NAS, support which is given by creating these modules.

In order to see the download links you have to subscribe for a plan using PiriCoins and become a Premium (access to download links, posts and support) or Supporter (access to all posts) . Subscriptions can be choosed here.

PiriCoins can be obtained in different ways:

1. Activity on the forum

2. Donate at least 5 € via Paypal or clicking the donate button on my signature. Depending on the amount donated, you will receive PiriCoins considering 1 € = 1000 PiriCoins, usually on the same day. Do not forget to write down your forum userid on the purpose section or a private message to me.

3. If you really need instant access purchase PiriCoins via PayPal / Credit Card / Coin Payments here. The amount of PiriCoins will be instantly available to your account.

Once you have piricoins available, go to Subscription for access
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Please respect my work and dont share my modules
No more piricoins can be added on your account.
Unfortunatelly, as Thecus is not releasing any new NAS and these products are less available on the market, i decided to focus and develope apps for other brand.
Thecus apps will be updated only on donation request, a new page will be created for this.
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Please respect my work and dont share my modules

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