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[chroot][1.00.02] chroot
(11-05-2021, 05:53 PM)outkastm Wrote: normally yes, i use it like this on x64 version

I assume the version that I have is the same as 1.00.02 for x86?

PM'ed with results of testing so far.  Shy
Hi Outkastm

Was able to test out in more detail, hope its clearer.

Adding a path to Chroot but not seeing it in the 'Folders Mounted in environment'

[Image: XLMW70Wm.png]

SSH, folder not mapped ?  show empty Sad
[Image: XPKBu9Nm.png]

Mapped path using raid0 shown in Chroot
[Image: 7GBaSFrm.png]

Result in Radarr due to mapping to  /raid/data/.... not occurring.  All my existing paths are set to /raid/  rather than /raid0/ .
[Image: deqRtxMm.png]

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