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[glFTPd][] free FTP server
[Image: glftpd_icon.png]

Module is available for:

x64_OS5/OS7 - last version -

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GLIBC > 1.00.01

include "ftp" binary for config


glFTPd is a free FTP server for UNIX based systems. It is highly configurable and its possibilities are endless. One of the main differences between many other ftp servers and glFTPd is that it has its own user database which can be completely maintained online using ftp site commands. glFTPd runs within a chroot environment which makes it relatively safe.

glFTPd has numerous features making many complex and complicated setups possible. A number of the most important features are:

Virtual users and groups
Bandwidth throttling (global and per user)
Upload/Download ratio support
On the fly CRC calculating of files being uploaded
Script support on almost all commands and operations
Online user management (add/remove/edit users using site commands)
Built-in statistics viewable using site commands
Encryption support through TLS/SSL integration
ACL Support
Many more ...
For a more complete description please take a look at about
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nice job
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