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Local Display alternative

Is there any alternative to Local Display that is more user friendly and has support for Plex, Youtube and Netflix?
I'm looking for something like QNAP's HD Station.
not sure what u mean?
i have my nas connected to my tv and use kodi/plex without issues.
You got your NAS connected with HDMI? I can use Kodi as an app on the Local Module Display module, but for Plex and Youtube etc I have to use Firefox and the web interface is not very handy with a remote controller.
yes,i have a N4810
its connected to my tv via the hdmi.
no issues .
did u install the plex addon for kodi via kodi repos?

buy urself a cheap controller.
i use one of these.
does what i need it to do.
No I haven't, but thank you for the suggestion! I'm kind of new to the NAS stuff, so I'm trying to figure out most of the stuff at the moment. But the possibilities seem endless.
they are.the more u try the more u will learn.u didnt mention ur nas model
welcom to outskasm forums an the real app center(far as i am concerned) other than the few that are thecus only.
like the display module,ect
Yeah, I'm definitely gonna donate in order to get the apps from Outkastm! He seems like a legend for anyone with a Thecus NAS. Thecus doesn't even bother updating the apps on a regular basis. I have the N2810 Plus model btw.

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