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[ mono ][ ] Microsoft's .NET Framework
N7510 running OS7 (
Lidarr is running on same mono and working fine. Sonarr and Lidarr are both forks of same code, so the structure for how they store data and generally operate is similar. Lidarr works but Sonarr doesn't. So, it might be a Sonarr problem rather than a Mono problem.

I downloaded latest versions of all the modules a couple days ago, then yesterday I installed chroot and Deluge; updated mono, Jackett, Lidarr, Sonarr, and Radarr; and uninstalled Transmission. Sonarr is the only one not responding as expected. App runs fine, but searches fail with cert errors.
Any update for x86_OS5/OS6 mono?  6.12.0 Nov20 is latest.
(30-12-2020, 08:27 PM)jd187 Wrote: Sonarr and Lidarr are both forks of same code,

There is a big huge giant difference in Settings -> General -> Security

Sonarr has a line for "Certificate Validation" with a drop down that can toggle between "enabled" and "disabled". Lidarr does not have this. 

Switching this to "disabled" got connections to Internet to start working. But I feel like this is a temp fix since TLS is something that should work. 

I tried adding additional root ca certs to the ca-bundle.crt file and was able to get cert-sync to report that it was importing and trusting 140+. The specific ones needed to trust the sites mentioned in the errors were definitely in there, but it was still throwing trust errors. I'm stumped and tired, so I'm going to live with the bandaid for a while.
(02-01-2021, 03:43 AM)kingrolo Wrote: Any update for x86_OS5/OS6 mono?  6.12.0 Nov20 is latest.

not possible to update mono for x86. Newer version of mono does require to be compiled with gcc 4.8+ which is not available in the toolchain for x86 due to very old system library. In the toolchain for x86 we have gcc 4.7
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