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How to create user and database using phpMyAdmin
This tutorial will show how to create an user with associated database, which is needed for some modules.

This presume you have already installed the module MariaDB or MySQL with phpMyAdmin, and we choose as example mydatabase name for user and database.

Navigate to the following address http://YOURNASIP:52000, and login to phpMyAdmin

[Image: image.png]

Then go to User accounts tab and select Add user account

[Image: image.png]

Choose mydatabase for username, type and confirm the password, and check the box next to Create database with same name...

[Image: image.png]

Scroll down on the page and click OK

[Image: image.png]

You user and database was created

[Image: image.png]

To check the database has the correct privileges for user database, go to Privileges tab and select mydatabase on the left. 

[Image: image.png]
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