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[ OutkastMRepo ][ ]Outkastm OS7 Repository - outkastm - 20-04-2017

[Image: 1467391755.png]

Module is available for:

x64_OS7 - last version


FaJoCron > 1.02.01 for schedule automatic update


This module will add icons for my developed modules.
Also will inform you when there are updates for these modules. The updates have to be installed manually and not using the "Update" button

My modules should be always installed manually
[Image: 2017-04-22_20_07_19-_N5810.png]

Do not press the Update button when is available, this will just remove your existing version
My modules should include OutkastM at Developer name
[Image: 2017-04-22_20_44_29-_N5810.png]

If you perform an Update Module List within "Manual Install" menu for Thecus Repository in App Center, this repository should be updated also with manual update. Otherwise, the modules from my repository will be available again after the next auto-update (if was scheduled) as the synchronization with Thecus server will remove description for 3rd party modules.

[Image: 2016_07_02_00_10_41_About_Outkast_MRepo.png]

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