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[LogicalDOC_CE][] Document Management System - outkastm - 13-07-2017

[Image: logicaldoc-logo.svg]

Thecus_LogicalDOC_CE Module is available for:

x64_OS5/OS7 - last version -
x86_OS5/OS6 - last version - on request

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OracleJRE8 > 1.02.00

On first install, after accessing the WebUI click on the small yellow triangle to start the setup procedure.

username: admin
password: admin

During setup, for repository choose : /raid/data/MOD_CONFIG/logicaldoc
Restart the module

From LogicalDOC WebUI setup external apps from Administration > Client and External Apps (see attached photo) with prefix /raid/data/module/LogicalDOC/sys/bin/

Tesseract language data(s) to be download from and save to folder /raid/data/MOD_CONFIG/logicaldoc/tessdata

After upgrade

From module menu, go to Application control > Restore config

Once installed, please read the User's Guide to familiarize yourself with LogicalDOC, or Administration Guide to learn

To use MariaDB as database backend



LogicalDOC is a document management platform that allows you to optimize your research by searching through documents using parameters, keywords, or content (full-text). The advantage of LogicalDOC is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval.
[Image: LogicalDOC-screenshot-v68.jpg][attachment=71]

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