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  • Create Date June 8, 2024
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Run containerized applications

In this guide, i will show you how to install docker on UGOS

Login to UGOS and go to Aplication Center. On the search box type Docker and press Enter. (The search button will appear only after the first search, probably abug on UGOS). Press then on the Install button.

Select the volume where you want to install the app and press on Install. Wait a few moments while the app is downloaded and installed.

When the installation is completed, pres on Open

You will get the WebUI that should show the docker service is running normally.
From here you can also download new images and create containers, but for this we'll use Portainer that provide more felxibility in config.

If you ever want to restart, stop or uninstall docker, go to App Center, select the docker app and use the menu on the right corner

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