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Full Version: NAS platform pool
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You can vote in the pool what kind of NAS platform do you own.
If you're not sure, check this thread to identify your NAS.
I have 4. Thecus N5550 & Thecus N4560. The N5550 has 5 x 3TB WD disks and the N4560 has 4 x 3TB WD disks. The N5550 is my primary NAS for movies, series, backup laptop, SABnzb & Sickrag and data storage. The N4560 is for movies I want to keep and probably never watch again... Smile. I also have 2 Synology NAS. I have a DS213 ( 2 x 3TB disks) and DS209+ (2 x 1 TB) The DS213 is also for backup, my music collection (I love DS Audio app) and 2 of my security cams. The DS209+ is an old one, but still ok. Only for my third security cam (I still need to but an extra license!).
2 x THECUS N7700PROv2 V2.06.02.6.v2
1 x THECUS N7700PLUS V5.03.02.8