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[Image: sup_app_icon_259.fw.png]

Module is available for:

x64_OS5/OS7 - last version
x86_OS5/OS6 - last version
ppc_OS6 - last version


"You have not unlocked the download links. Read here to check how you can unlock them."

Download directory is configured to /raid/data/downloads/nzbget/downloads


About :

Built for speed, works everywhere
NZBGet is written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources.

Performance matters

Unlike downloads from www or ftp the download from usenet requires quite a lot of computation work. NZBGet is optimized for performance and uses very little memory at the same time.

NZBGet supports all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Binaries for Windows, Mac and many Linux systems are available right here. Binaries for other platforms can be compiled from sources.

Works everywhere
Besides desktop class computers NZBGet works on WLAN routers, NAS devices, media players, etc. Some systems come with NZBGet already preinstalled by vendors, others have NZBGet in their app stores - check it out!

NZBGet runs invisible in background and can be configured and controlled from a web-browser (has a separate theme for smartphones). There is also a console interface to use from terminal.


Automatic download, par-repair (if needed), unpack and post-processing. Everything you need to automate your downloads. Powerful RSS filters with duplicate check to fetch and enqueue nzb-files automatically from your favorite indexers.

Remote control
Third-party apps can communicate with NZBGet using RPC-API. Every feature seen in the built-in web-interface can be used by other programs too. You can also use RPC ability to control NZBGet from your scripts.

[Image: Web_Interface_01_Downloads.png]

[Image: Web_Interface_12_Edit_History.png]
Updated to
updated to
I installed version 20.0 on my N5550 (OS7) but unfortunately I does not work.
After logon I get a screen mentioning communication error! Invalid parameter Request: {"nocache":1532206345678,"method":"log","params":[0,null]}

Switched back to v19.1 which worked out of the box.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
I found the problem. The WebDir item in the default nzbget.conf file points to the wrong directory and should point to /raid/data/module/nzbget_okm/sys/share/nzbget/webui
indeed, the webui folder path has changed in latest version. I upgraded the module
Thanks for the quick update Cool
I've noticed that the latest stable release is 21.0

Is it possible to upgrade from within the installed version 20.0 or do we need a updated release?
You can try to upgrade and see if work. If not I will update the module this evening anyway
updated to
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