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Full Version: Access to download links
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You don't pay for the software itself !!! You pay to get a support to install this software on your NAS, support which is given by creating these modules.

In order to see the download links you have to subscribe for a plan using PiriCoins and become a Supporter. Subscriptions can be choosed here.

PiriCoins can be obtained in different ways:

1. Activity on the forum

2. Donate at least 5 € via Paypal [Image: btn_donate_LG.gif] or clicking the donate button on my signature. Depending on the amount donated, you will receive PiriCoins considering 1 € = 1000 PiriCoins, usually on the same day. Do not forget to write down your forum userid on the purpose section or a private message to me.

3. If you really need instant access purchase PiriCoins via PayPal / Credit Card / Coin Payments here. The amount of PiriCoins will be instantly available to your account.

Once you have piricoins available, go to Subscription for access