How to route public internet traffic via Tailscale running on UGREEN NAS

There might be times when you want Tailscale to route your public internet traffic. For example, you might want to route all your public internet traffic if:

  • You’re in a coffee shop with untrusted Wi-Fi.
  • You’re traveling overseas and need access to an online service (such as banking) only available in your home country.

In this guide, i will show how to route your internet traffic from an android device as example via your tailscale node installed on your UGREEN NAS.

We assume you have followed this guide and you have Tailscale installed on your UGREEN NAS using Portainer stack.
We need to adapt our stack to enable the exit node option on our node. If you don’t know how to adapt already created stacks in Portainer, follow this guide
In tailscale stack editor, add the line below under the environment: section


Scroll down and click on Update stack

Once the container is running again, go to your tailscale admin console
You nottice a small tag under your NAS machine with an exclamation sign. Now this machine must be authorized to be used as exit node.
Click on the 3 dots and thne Edit route settings. (You will maybe like also to Disable key expiry)

Ccheck the box Use as exit node and click on Save.

Node has been authorized to be used as Exit Node

Now, on your phone open tailscale and connect to your network.
Click on EXIT NODE

Your NAS machine should be visible in the list. Click on it to used it as exit node.

And done, your mobile internet traffic is routed now via your NAS internet connection.

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