How to edit stacks in Portainer

In this guide, i will explain how to edit the already created stacks in Portainer, in order to add additional options for our available docker containers.

In order to be sure that Portainer is running, open UGOS, go to Docker app > Container and check the status of portainer. If is not running, toggle the button on the right.

Open Portainer by typing in your web browser http://yournasip:19000 and login with your user and password created during Portainer installation.
After you login on Portainer, go to Home, then click on your Local Environment

On the left menu click on Stacks and it will open the list with the already created stacks.
Click on the one you want to edit, as example tailscale

Press on the Editor button

Modify the line you want or add an extra variable on the stack

Scroll down on the page and click on Update the stack

On the next window, you can also select the option to Re-pull image and redeploy. This will also update your image to the last available version.
Click on Update

If the updated stack is valid (no wrong value added), you will see a message that the deployment was successfully and the container will show as running.

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